I heard the term puppy boxing from one of our fans a few months ago. Arguing is something I think humans do too much of. It doesn’t look like it does them any good and only causes them to be more angry. Maybe they could learn something from us little pups. As puppies we are always play fighting. It’s always in good fun and it helps us girls work things out between ourselves! Puppy boxing is all about working out a compromise.

Dad fenced in an area in the back yard for us to play in, because Mom and dad got tired of us rough-housing in the living room. We get out all our puppy energy out in the backyard now. If Dad gives one of us too much attention, Lola and I can get a little irritated with each other at times.

Lola bugged me so much today I just had to jump on her. We decided Puppy Boxing was the best way to work out our issues. We don’t actually hurt each other. In the end, it’s always a ton of fun and thats ’cause Lola and I just love each other so much. We can’t wait to go on our own big adventure together, because she’s my best friend you know.

See you soon,

Love, Bella & Lola!

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