Hi it’s Bella again,

My sister, Lola and I were in Florida for a few months and here’s a little video from Jupiter Beach, Florida we made for you. While we were here, we figured out how to body surf the waves and we made lots of new friends walking along the beach.

Jupiter is just north of West Palm Beach, were the gulf stream comes out of the Caribbean hits the Florida coast. As a result the waters warm and the tropical fish are abundant… so are the sharks, but they haven’t bothered us so far. This is a beautiful place and much less developed than other areas along Florida’s coast, no wonder so many wealthy people live here.

We’re lovin’ our big adventure and hope you like the videos we’re sharing along the way.

Woof! See ya soon!

Bella & Lola

Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of two Little Golden Retrievers whose travels take them all over the country. They visit places they’ve has always wanted to see and make friends along the way.

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