Hi friends, we’re Bella and Lola and I’m Bella!

I was named after our Auntie Bella who was not just a service dog, but the most amazing and beautiful little friend our Dad could have ever asked for. She’s actually the one who thought sharing her travels with all her friends would be great fun. She was Dad’s service dog for many years until she got sick with bone cancer. 

When she couldn’t manage any longer, she asked us to takeover looking after our Dad and running her blog. The day our Auntie passed away was very sad for us, but we realized we had a big job to take on and she had such a rich and wonderful life herself, she wouldn’t want us to be sad little puppies, but instead grateful for every day.

We jumped in with all four paws and it has been harder than we thought it would be getting up to speed. Before we get into all that though, let me tell how Lola and I wound up getting adopted by our Mom and Dad. One day, Mom and Dad were talking and thought that getting a new puppy would be a good way to ease the pain they’d feel when Auntie Bella passed away. We had been born at terrible breeding farm in Mexico when a nice woman from a rescue in San Diego heard about us and came and got us away from those terrible people. By the time dad called the rescue we were already staying there, being taken care of and loved. 

On a hot day in September, Mom and Dad drove down from Los Angeles to meet us. We loved them as soon as they walked in. We knew they were only looking to adopt one of us and Lola and I hadn’t been apart ever, so we were a little scared. Mom, Dad and Auntie Bella were so friendly and loving that pretty soon it became clear that we were going to be staying together in our forever home.

Dad says we were the best Christmas present ever, because Auntie Bella passed away soon after we got settled into our new house. It was sad to know she wouldn’t be around to help us learn how to be service dogs and other good dog stuff, but she sure did set a good example while she was with us. Mom and Dad were pretty sad and cried a lot when Auntie Bella died, they even told us she went to live on the back porch instead of telling us she died, which was weird because we kept looking for her. We eventually figured out that Mom and Dad were prevaricating so we wouldn’t be sad.  It’s really important to Lola and I that we can be Mom and Dad’s new best friends and I think we’re doing pretty good so far. 

Dad keeps trying to teach us stuff now and honestly, Lola’s way better at paying attention than I am. I’m getting better, but Dad thinks I may have Attention Deficit Disorder, so he’s a bit more patient with me. Just so you know, being on camera is easy as you can see from social media, but acting is pretty challenging for little dogs. Dad’s always saying “walk over here and pick this up” or “look directly at the camera and pretend you’re talking” and sometimes he’ll even ask us to “sit still and look cute”, so he can take our picture.  That last one is easy, we do that all the time, but the others are just ridiculous. I  mean, we’re dogs, we can deal with sit, stay, heal and NO! I even understand “Do your business”, but full sentences and an exact interpretation are a little more challenging for two little pups like us.

So while we’re growing up, Dad shared a few videos. We’re ready to set out on our own adventure now.  Dad bought a 1986 Airstream 345 so we have a place to live while we travel around the country and a Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk to go exploring in.

We’re have officially taken over our Auntie Bella’s blog and shared a few videos, like this one…

We’ll start posting more as we get them edited.  We’re going everywhere from Bisbee, AZ and Marfa, TX to Floyd, VA, Saratoga Springs, NY, Burlington, VT and then down to Savanah GA and then onto Florida before we head home, meandering through much of the mid-west!   So, lot’s to look forward to including a few extra special videos Dad held back from Auntie Bella’s original Adventure in Dad’s pickup truck. 

We have hundreds of our own new videos in the works and as soon as we get one finished up we’ll share them with you, so we hope you’ll all join us on Bella’s (and Lola’s) Big Adventures!

Love you,

Bella and Lola