Exploring the Angeles Crest National Forest is so much fun, especially since it’s in our backyard! We went up into the mountains and found a great camping spot. Playing in the woods is Lola and my favorite thing besides swimming and playing with tennis balls.

Living in Los Angeles, we are incredibly fortunate to have this gigantic natural wonderland right here in our backyard and as opposed to Disneyland, here you can find REAL:

-exotic ferns
-thrilling rides (on ski slopes, hiking trails, roads)
-gorgeous wildflowers
-cool visitor centers
-an observatory

The views are beautiful, the mountain smells are amazing and I swear we smelled like pine trees for most of the day. Camp fires are great fun to have at night too, but remember to put them out before you leave.

It’s free to access the Angeles Crest National Forest, although, to park you have to get an Adventure Pass, which funds cleaning up trash and damage from visitors. All the trash people have leave behind is gross and very impolite.

If you plan to visit the forest, Lola and I ask that you not be a litterbug. Please pick up your trash and don’t break things that aren’t yours to break, so the rest of us can enjoy the outdoors too. We go to these places to get away from the city and enjoy nature and I’m not sure why it is that some people think it’s acceptable to leave trash behind in America’s otherwise pristine National Forests?

Enjoy the mountains, but before you head up, fill up the tank, take emergency supplies and don’t forget to bring your sense of wonder at the beauty of Mother Nature, but please dump your garbage in a trash can where it belongs and put out your campfire.

We can’t wait to go back again really soon and maybe we’ll see you there.

Love, Bella and Lola!


Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of two Little Golden Retrievers whose travels take them all over the country. They visit places they’ve has always wanted to see and make friends along the way.

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