California’s Anza-Borrego State Park had a wildflower bloom that has to be seen to be believed. Winter rains drenched the park in 2017, which resulted in an amazing bloom come Spring. This rarely seen wildflower spectacular was due to these soaking storms and some unusually mild temperatures, which caused one ranger to describe the display as, “flower-geddon”. Purple sand verbena, white dune evening primroses, orange poppies and other wildflowers have all literally erupted in color.

One hundred and thirty full-sized metal sculptures have been attracting visitors to Borrego Valley too. Set out into the desert, they are fascinating visitors and drawing the curious from around the world. Acclaimed artist, Ricardo Breceda, created the sculptures that were inspired by creatures that roamed the desert millions of years ago. The sculptures which are scattered around Galleta Meadows in Borrego Springs, are all captured in motion by Breceda. Viewers can walk around these creatures in their “natural” environment, which helps to imagine them wandering around the area looking for food. The creatures are so scary, that it leaves me wondering… what must it have been like here millions of years ago?

Visiting here nowadays you might spot real roadrunners, golden eagles, foxes, deer, iguanas, and even the dreaded red diamond rattlesnake. It’s possible that you might run across some bighorn sheep, but only if you’re lucky. Anza-Borrego was named after these sheep as well as Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza. Borrego means “bighorn sheep” in Spanish and the animals are frequently be seen in the area.

The largest state park in California is Anza-Borrego and it’s just a two hours from San Diego, Riverside or Palm Springs. Visitors have endless places to explore in a park, which includes twelve wilderness areas, five hundred miles of dirt roads and trails. If you can’t make it here, you can find plenty of photos of the wildflower blooms on Instagram. Get started with #superbloom and #superbloom2017 .

Anza is the place to see tons of different flowering cacti and pretty mountain views. The hikes through the valley canyons are truly exceptional. With the gorgeous terrain and the unique sculptures, this was a must see road trip for these little doggies.

We sure enjoyed the flowers and the art and hope you did too!

Love, Bella and Lola

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