Hiking in Palm Springs is a ton of fun, especially for two little golden retrievers like Lola and myself. Sweetie, my auntie Bella’s friend, told us about a stream near her house that flows down from Mount San Jacinto. The mountain is 10,833 feet high and the snow on top creates a stream that flows right next to her neighborhood.

It’s getting harder for little pups like us to find safe places like this to go swimming in the Untied States. All the chemicals that people put on their lawns and dump down the sewer are polluting the water. If we want to continue to enjoy places like this in the future, then we all need to do a little something to help right now. Next time you’re out hiking in Palm Springs or somewhere else, don’t leave your trash behind. It’d be even more thoughtful if you picked up what someone else may have left behind.

And remember, spraying chemicals on your lawn or in your garden doesn’t just kill bugs and weeds. It also poisons any kids and pets that might play there and will eventually wind up in your water supply.

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See you soon.

Love, Bella and Lola!

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