Today is training day for Lola and I. We think everybody, including us little puppies, should get a good education. It’s important if we want to be a smart and having that education means we can give back to our community. Dogs can’t go to Harvard, so our Dad home-schools us. That way we still get to be really well educated and well mannered dogs. A lot of famous people have been home schooled, including Abraham Lincoln.

Dad says it’ll important if we plan to go on our own Big Adventure, like Auntie Bella did. One thing I’ve learn so far is that good manners and a great education can take us anywhere we want to go. Lola and I will have to put in a lot more hard work if we want to explore the world like Auntie Bella did.

So, today was our first training lesson with Dad and of course Lola did better than me. I’m a little ADHD, but I did figure out what I was supposed to do eventually. We both did a great job though, Dad even said so and by the end of the day, he let us play off leash. Woof Woof!!!

See you soon,

Love Bella & Lola!


Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of Bella, a Little Golden Retriever and her sister, Lola. Traveling all over the country, they will visit with friends and discover places they’ve always wanted to see.

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