Puppy life can be challenging, but swimming is really fun and today was Lola and my first swimming lesson. We want to learn while we’re young so that we can be safe around the water, plus it’ll come in handy when we head out on our Big Adventure this summer. We love the water as you might imagine, we’re golden retrievers after all. It’s a little scary though, since we’re still just little puppies. Auntie Bella was visiting so she supervised us. She’s a really, really good swimmer. We can’t wait to take the advanced swim class where we learn to dive off a dock and fetch a ball from the water. Holy cow, that’ll sure be a fun time!!

Auntie Bella says hi too!!!

See you soon,

Love lil’ Bella & Lola!


Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of one Little Golden Retriever, Bella and her sister Lola, whose travels take them all over the country, visiting friends and places they’ve always wanted to see.

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