Charlie was a Russian Blue cat and he’s was my older brother.  Charlie taught me not to scare things that are smaller than me, like cats and also how to behave around the house.  He was really intelligent. When I was little he didn’t like me very much, but I guess I grew on him.  He taught me that by learning everything I can and acting politely, I can get to do more cool stuff.

You can see that Charlie was much older than me. Well, he past away in 2015 at 25 years old.  That’s right friends, 25 years old, crazy I know, but its true.  I loved Charlie more than anything in the world.  He was the coolest cat I ever knew, I miss him a lot.  Sometimes I still get sad and cry. Then I think of how long he lived and all the adventures he had all over California. Some we even had together. I hope I get to be as smart and healthy when I get that old! I’m very well mannered now and maybe a little chubby, but one thing’s for certain, I’ll enjoy my travels more because of what Charlie taught me.

Love, Bella