Today we’re doing a product demo and review for the Delay Her Spay harness system. We love this product and recommend that everyone consider it as an option to spaying until your dog has reached it’s sexual maturity.

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Golden Retrievers Have One Heartbreaking Flaw and It’s a Killer.

It’s been drilled into our heads in the US to spay and neuter early. If fact, Dr. Karen Becker, the top holistic veterinarian in the country believes in sterilization. That said, she wrote a wonderful article on the damaging effects of neutering/spaying your dogs too early. You can check it out here: Dr. Karen Becker’s Article

Did you know that Golden Retrievers in the U.S. have a really high rate of cancer compared to many other breeds and that this high rate of cancer in Goldens is a relatively recent development? In the late 1980s, the breed wasn’t even considered as having a high rate of cancer. Then recently, Purdue University conducted the National Breed Health Survey and found that 61% of all Golden Retrievers die from cancer (namely, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, mast cell tumor and osteosarcoma).

Dr. Becker recommends 5 ways that you can reduce your dog’s cancer risk right now

1. Don’t allow your dog to become overweight. Studies show that restricting the amount of calories an animal eats prevents and/or delays the progression of tumor development across species, including canines.

2. Feed your pet an anti-inflammatory diet. Anything that creates or promotes inflammation in the body increases the risk for cancer. Current research suggests cancer is actually a chronic inflammatory disease, fueled by carbohydrates.

3. Reduce or eliminate your dog’s exposure to toxins. These include chemical pesticides like flea and tick preventives, lawn chemicals (weed killers, herbicides, etc.), tobacco smoke, flame retardants, and household cleaners (detergents, soaps, cleansers, dryer sheets, room deodorizers).

4. Refuse unnecessary vaccinations. Vaccine protocols should be tailored to minimize risk and maximize protection, taking into account the breed, background, nutritional status and overall vitality of the dog.

5. Allow your dog to remain intact (not neutered or spayed), at least until the age of 18 months to two years. Studies have linked spaying and neutering to increasing cancer rates in dogs. Even better, investigate alternative ways to sterilize your pet without upsetting his or her important hormone balance.


Does this all leave you wondering when the right time is to spay or neuter your dog? No doubt, overpopulation is a huge issue here in the United States, but is it healthier to spay or neuter your dog early? Or is it more beneficial for your dog to wait until he or she has reached maturity, which is typically one to two years of age? Here’s a few things we think you should consider:


Females won’t go into heat
Controls unwanted litters
Prevents most reproductive organ disease
Helps prevent males from wandering


Higher risk of lymphosarcoma
Higher risk of mast cell tumors
Higher risk of Osteosarcoma
Higher risk of hip dysplasia
Higher risk of cranial cruciate ligament tear
Higher risk of incontinence
Higher risk of cystitis, i.e. bladder inflammation

So when is the best time to Spay or Neuter? This is a tough question to answer and not a decision you should take lightly. There are also other non-traditional ways to sterilize a pet without desexing. We strongly recommend that you do your own research and then talk to your veterinarian to understand the risks and rewards of whatever decision you come to.

If you decide to wait until your dog has reached full maturity before spaying or neutering, be responsible and ensure your dog does not wander and wind up with an unintentional impregnation. The Delay Her Spay – Pet-Breeding Prevention Harness gives you a reasonable option by effectively preventing any male from gaining unwanted entry. The Delay Her Spay harness also incorporates its own Sani-T Pad™, which acts the same as a human sanitary pad. The harness also allows your dog to urinate and defecate while wearing the system. What a great idea!

Bella had a lot of fun modeling the harness, since she’s such a big show off. Watch our video and see how Bella reacted to wearing the harness. The Delay Her Spay harness offers an eight-point buckle system, which is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. Putting it on is not as difficult as it might appear when you open the package, plus it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction sheet. It only took my dad only a minute or so to help Bella put it on.

Visit www.Delay Her today and use promo code: DelayHerSpay10 for 10% OFF the harness, plus you’ll also receive free shipping with the purchase of Sani-T pads. Delay Her Spay is a safe, natural solution that will keep a female dog from getting pregnant. By using this harness system, you can safely wait to spay your dog when it’s most appropriate for her health, not just your convenience.

If you have questions, get ahold of Dexter Branch, over at Highly Favored Creations, LLC. He is passionate about his product and only wants to help you give your pet the longest and healthiest life possible. He has some other innovative products that will help keep your pet healthy coming out soon, so keep your eyes peeled and don’t forget to follow them on social media!

We value your trust and will only ever review products that we think are healthy, safe and would benefit your pets well-being. Take good care of your pets and we’ll see you soon,


Bella & Lola


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