Today we have something really special to share with you.  Lola and I have seen first hand that less exposure to sex hormones early in a puppies life can increase a dog’s risk for some pretty nasty cancers, including osteosarcoma, lymphoma, and mast cell tumors. If you Delay Her Spay, you can prevent all kinds of problems down the road.  Our Auntie Bella died of Osteo-sarcoma and it was very upsetting to learn what the most likely cause was, plus we miss her a whole bunch.

Maybe what vets learn in school about early spay and neuter is not so correct after all! Ask your vet about waiting until their hormones and growth plates are more fully developed, they can help you determine if it’s a better option.

Dexter and the other nice people over at are not against spaying your dog—when the time is right, but instead they want to be sure every dog parent is informed about the dangers of spaying their pets too young. Their focus is on ensuring your dog remains healthy and enjoys as long a life as possible.

Delay Her Spay is the world’s first, safe, non-invasive breeding-control harness. It’s the only system that provides natural pet birth control; promoting a longer life for your pet and protecting her while she’s too young for puppies or to have surgery.

The Delay Her Spay harness prevents unwanted or accidental breeding, and gives pet parents the world over, confidence their pet is being protected. The harness is actually a dog chastity belt that doubles as a secure dogdiaper system that absorbs urine or discharge while she’s in season. Delay Her Spay has an eight-point buckle system making it difficult to remove—even by the most determined male. You know how pushy boys can be sometimes.

We were spay by the rescue we came from at eight weeks old and wish we had the option of choosing the right time for us. Choosing the right time to spay your furry friend will make her a healthier, happier pet, and possibly add years to her life.

Go to and check it for yourself. We even have a coupon for you to use that will give you 10% off the purchase of the harness and you’ll also get free shipping if you buy the Sani-T pads to go along with your new harness. When you place your order enter the Coupon Code: DelayHerSpay10 when asked.

We don’t generally endorse products, but we feel strongly about this one and we want you to know upfront that are paying us a little bit to get the word out for them. Quite frankly we would have even if they weren’t paying us, but don’t tell them that. This product gets four paws up for putting our health first. Thanks for being so pawsome Dexter!

Love, Bella & Lola

Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of two Little Golden Retrievers whose travels take them all over the country. They visit places they’ve has always wanted to see and make friends along the way.

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