Hi Friends,

Bella’s Big adventure can not continue without your support. Bella’s cancer treatments cost just over $10,000 during the past year and we recently discovered that the puppies need $45,000 worth of hip and knee surgery (thank God for pet insurance), plus our 2015 trip cost over $30,000, so financially we need your help to carry on with Bella’s mission, inspiring curiosity, gratitude and kindness in others.


Lil’ Bella and Lola are up for the challenge, are you?

With your help we will continue to make a positive and uplifting impact on peoples lives. Our goal is to inspire intelligence, empathy, kindness, love and free-thought throughout the world or at least our community. We’d greatly appreciate any help in doing so.

We have a great big adventure planned for the Lil’ Bella and Lola between June through August of this year. During this trip we’ll be visiting some fans of Bella’s Big Adventure. It’ll be fun to share adventures and create inspirational stories with them. We’ll also play in the water any chance we can get, so if you know of a good swimming hole, we’ll probably stop by.

We need you, Bella’s friends and fans, to help us to meet our goal and make Lil’ Bella and Lola’s big adventure even bigger and even better than last time. Anything you can contribute will help. If you can’t give, then share this with someone who can.

We can’t do this without you. If we’ve made your days a little brighter, given you joy, made you smile or if you just plain love Bella like we do, please help us reach our goal!


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With love and gratitude,

Lil’ Bella, Lola, Stu and Karen!


Bella’s Big Adventure is the story of two Little Golden Retrievers whose travels take them all over the country. They visit places they’ve has always wanted to see and make friends along the way.

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